Work Readiness Training

This module includes the following: First Impressions, How to Write an Effective Resume, Cover Letter, Thank You Letter, Familiarity with Effective Interviewing Strategies, including The Most Asked Interview Questions, Mock Interview, How to Fill-out a Physical Application, How to Fill-out an Online Application and Basic Life Skills for Keeping a Job/Career.


This course provides hands-on first aid and adult CPR training and explains how to use an AED for victims of sudden cardiac arrest.


Standard First Aid

Microsoft Office

Frontline Fundamentals

The State of Rhode Island is attempting  to attract as many call centers to the State as possible via the Rhode Island Commerce Corporation. These call centers will look for employees who possess certain skills such as techniques for a winning voice, phone etiquette, telephone best practices, effective communication techniques, and more. this is not only a course in all of those skills but at the end of this course students will take a test and may achieve  a nationally recognized certification which proves knowledge and proficiency in these specific skills required to be an effective call center representative.


The Training and Business Collaborative Institute offers the following courses and certifications.

Basic Web Design

Do you have a small business or organization? Do you want to know how to advertise using a basic yet professional website? If yes, then consider our course in basic webdesign. Our course offers basic web building skills through the host weebly. Although we cannot offer a certification in this filed we can offer  students the basic knowledge and tools needed to create a successful web page for their business or organization.

Intuit Quick Books

Intuit QuckBooks is one of the most popular bookkeeping softwares on the market. Many businesses use this software to account all of their finances. In today's world this training is invaluable to anyone, whether they are going to work or even starting their own small business, this class will assure that you can correctly use QuickBooks with ease and precision.

National Retail Federation Sales Representative

The NRF Foundation is the 501(c)(3) nonprofit arm of the National Retail Federation, shaping retail’s future by building awareness of the industry through statistics and stories; developing talent through education, experiences and scholarships; and fostering career growth among people who work in retail.­­

At The Training & Business Collaborative Institute we are dedicated to helping the NRF Foundation shape the future of retail by helping to  cultivate the next generation of retail leaders through the NRF Foundation's Customer Service & Sales certification. We offer a course that prepares you for the challenges of everyday customer service. Our instructors are not only certified themselves but have many years of experience in customer service. For more information contact us!

Microsoft Office is the industry standard computer office suite. Microsoft Office Specialist is the only recognized certification for this software. This course will go through more than just the basics in almost every software included in Microsoft Office today. If you are not that good with computers don't worry, Here at the Training and Business Collaborative we understand that everyone is on a different level which is why we also include a basic course in using a computer!

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