Sales Representative Training


The Training and Business Collaborative Institute’s NRF Foundation Customer Service & Sales Representative/Frontline Call Center Training Program is a multifaceted cross platform training program designed to provide the skills and knowledge needed to be well-rounded customer service representative, frontline call center representative, sales and marketing representative, office assistant or an entry level bookkeeper. This program will contain the following seven modules: NRF Foundation Customer Service and Sales, Call Center Frontline Fundamentals, Basic Computer Skills (Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook/Email, Basic Typing/Keyboard Skills, Work Readiness Training, QuickBooks Pro, Adult First Aid, and CPR & AED. A multi-disciplinary team of practitioners and professionals will deliver the courses. Students who successfully complete the program will receive the following Nationally Recognized Certifications: NFR Foundation Customer Service and Sales, The Call Center School, Frontline Fundamentals and QuickBooks Certified User (QBCU).


Training Programs

Deconstruction Workforce Training


The Deconstruction Training Program has been designed to assist unemployed and under-employed individuals, who may have difficulty in obtaining a traditional job. The Training will address two crucial areas, unemployment and the environment. Students will receive both hands-on training and classroom instructions. The Deconstruction training program will teach students the proper methodologies of dismantling residential and commercial properties. Students will receive training in the following modules: Tool Safety, Material handling including how to ship the materials (doors, windows, wooden planes, etc.) Hand-tools, Power tools, Construction Math, OSHA10 Construction Training Safety Course

The 40 hour Lead Supervisory Training, 40 hour Asbestos Supervisory Training, First Aid, CPR and AED.


The 40 hour DeconstructionWorkforce Training also benefits the environment, instead of taking up space at lands-fills, the materials that are removed from the residences and commercial properties will be refurbished and reused. 

Students will learn the various methods used in refurbishing the various construction materials.

The Training and Business Collaborative Institute thrives to bring together relevant courses to create training programs. We will continue to develop more extensive programs. As of right now our primary program is  our NRF Foundation & Frontline Call Center Sales Representative Training Program & Landscaping & Deconstruction training

Landscape Construction Training


The Landscape Construction Training Program has been designed to prepare students for an entry-level position in related industries including golf course management, landscape design and management, and landscape maintenance. Students will also receive instructions on laying  pavers, and concrete stamping and finishing. Students will receive both hands-on and classroom instructions.The Landscape Construction Training Program will include the following modules: Tools and Machinery, Landscaping Plans and Setting up a Construction Site, Drainage in Landscaping Construction, Earthworks, Surfaces, Paths, Paving and Turf, Construction of Stamped Concrete /al#ways,Irrigation Systems, Work Place safety, Work Readiness Training, First Aid, CPR and AED,

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